SpaceX Gold Pro (Copy Trade)
SpaceX Gold Pro (Copy Trade)

SpaceX Gold Pro (Copy Trade)

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  • Copy Trading System
  • Max Drawdown Limit 2%
  • EA Have TP/SL
  • Stop Trailing
  • Lifetime E.O.P
  • Risk Management,100% Safe
  • Only Opofinance Broker

Now you can have the best robot in the world Base On copy Trade !

We reached a big goal, a goal that was like a dream but became a reality!

After years of hard work, we were able to design a bot that would only have a 3% drawdown with aggressive settings!

It may not be possible for everyone, but we managed to design the best robot in the world, and it has a 99-year guarantee that it will never experience more than 2% drawdown.

We are proud to announce that we are the first company in the world to achieve this great goal!As you know, no robot has ever been built with less than 9% drawdown , the robot designed by our team has a lifetime Guarantee of less than 2% drawdown.



🔘Don’t need a VPS

🔘No need to install the robot

🔘Max drawdown Limit 2%

🔘100% Copy Trading System 

🔘100% trades automatically 

🔘Account license keys 2 Real

🔘Strong News Filter 

🔘Money Management

🔘Free from any stress

🔘Minimum Balance $500

🔘MT4 Based

Why copy trading only from a broker?

This issue is very sensitive and the most important step for a successful Trades 

Copy trading is a very big mistake if it is done from 2 different brokers at the same time, the trades are opened and closed slowly from the server or they may not be opened or closed at all, so this is a very big mistake.

So we never take risks and only use one broker, when copy trading is done from a broker, there is no need to worry because the server is the same and the trades are copied immediately. 

There is no delay of even 0.01 seconds and this is the secret of victory.

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Create Account

Create Account and Verified ID 🪪

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Open Live Account

Open a Real account(Social Trading Account)

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Account Type

Note: Never choose Standard-ECN-ECNPRO ❌ account for copy trading, only Social Trading account ☑️ 

Type: Social Trading Account 

Leverage:  1:500

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Account Done ☑️

Your social trading account has been created

Note your account number and password

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Private Link

After you complete your purchase, you will receive a Link.

Click Private Link : Social Trading SpaceX Gold Pro E.O.P and register your account

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Click Actions and Click Active 

Note : Never leave said settings.  You don't need to do anything else.  Please do not touch the settings.  If you change the settings, the robot will not be able to manage your account.

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Click Ingore and Click Active 

Congratulations 🎉 

Your Account has been Activated

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Why Opofinance broker?

One of the most important point about brokers while using Autotrading is having low fees- low Swap and also High-SPEED servers.

We tested a lot of famous brokers and after years we decided to use only Opofinance, you will see the best performance of robots in this broker, this broker is special for using robots.

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Does it has any guarantee?

Absolutely,Follow the given Setting for EA and never Leave the suggestion setting.

SpaceX Gold Pro has a 99-year Gaurantee that you will never experience more than 2% drawdown with the recommended settings.

Frequent Questions

SpaceX Gold Pro E.O.P



Social Trading Account,Leverage 1:500

Each Purchase you can Activated 2 Real account

Lifetime Option Unlimited Real Account

Demo account can never be used because this robot is a copy trading system

Expected 10% To +20% Monthly Profit (It can increase up to 50% depending on the adjustments they make(

Expected Less than 2% Basic Setting.