Why do all trader need Robot and indicators in the forex market?

The robot can trade while sleeping!



Humans can not trade all day in the system and win at the end of the day and make huge profits!  In addition, excessive fatigue can damage your physical and mental health, and fatigue caused by too much time can cause the trader to make wrong decisions and suffer irreparable damage! On the other hand, a Forex robot can always trade without the need for rest.  It simply follows a set of rules based on technical indicators or price performance and can trade automatically.  So no worries!  Sleep well and rest because the professional robot is awake.       


The robots is not vulnerable to emotions.          



Every forex trader has struggled with greed or fear of losing money.  Human emotions can sometimes overshadow decisions and cause irreparable damage.But professional robot are designed to adhere to system commands and receive valid trading signals without fear or greed and deliver the best performance.


The robot reacts immediately to the rapid movements of the market.      



While humans take a few seconds or more to digest market information and figure out how to react to price changes, a Forex robot can react immediately and trade faster in the blink of an eye.  This can be amazing for day traders who are looking to take advantage of fast price movements.