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SpaceX Gold Pro

SpaceX Gold Pro

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  • Trailing Stop
  • Max Drawdown Limit 2%
  • Pass any challenge
  • 15% to 40% Monthly Profit
  • The safest EA in the world
  • Auto TP/SL
  • 99-year Gaurantee
  • All Broker

Now you can have the best robot in the world !

We reached a big goal, a goal that was like a dream but became a reality!

After years of hard work, we were able to design a bot that would only have a 3% drawdown with aggressive settings!

It may not be possible for everyone, but we managed to design the best robot in the world, and it has a 99-year guarantee that it will never experience more than 2% drawdown.

We are proud to announce that we are the first company in the world to achieve this great goal!As you know, no robot has ever been built with less than 9% drawdown , the robot designed by our team has a lifetime Guarantee of less than 2% drawdown.

With SpaceX Gold Pro, you can try your luck for any challenge you want, such as FTMO,SurgeTrader,ETC.

Note:  that this robot will be sold for a limited time at a very affordable price and after 3 to 6 months it will be available only for big banks and the price of each license will increase to $80K to $120K! 



🔘Max drawdown  2%

🔘Max drawdown 2X aggressive mode 5%

🔘Max drawdown 3X - 4X aggressive mode 10%

🔘basic Mode +6% Monthly Profit

🔘2X aggressive mode +9% Monthly Profit

🔘3X Aggressive mode +13% Monthly Profit 

🔘EA Have Take Profit / Stop loss

🔘Max Open Trade 3

🔘All broker

🔘Meta trader 4 based 

🔘100% trades automatically

🔘Money Management


🔘VIP Lifetime activation

🔘Start Any Challenge

Galaxy Profit
Verified Myfxbook

Click to check out MyFxBook live result

Note :The Setting is 3X, Max Drawdown Limit 10%

Basic Mode Max DD 2%

galaxy profit
Max Drawdown 2%

We are the first company in the world that was able to build a robot with a maximum Drawdown of only 2%

It was a dream become a Reality , this robot is guaranteed for 99 years to never reach more than 2% Drawdown with recommended settings.

Galaxy Profit
Trailing Stop

SpaceX Gold Pro Have a Trailing Stop (Automatic Moving SL)

What is a Trailing Stop

A Trailing Stop is a type of stop loss order that automatically adjusts its stop price as the market moves in a favorable direction. 

This allows traders to lock in profits and protect their investments from market reversals without manually adjusting their stop loss orders.

Pass forex challenge funding

In order to prove the Performance of the robot to our customers, the Galaxy Profit  team with SpaceX Gold Pro EA passed the $100K challenge (SURGE TRADER) in just 15 days with a 2% risk.

Verified Video

Challenge Passed
$100K account

Click on the link below to see the Live results

Challenge Passed
87,18% Win Rate

Click on the link below to see the Live results

SpaceX gold Pro

Start any challenge

Installation SpaceX Gold Pro

1- Click on add to cart and complete the order process. 

2- You will be directed to a download page, save the file in your pc.

3-install metatrader 4 app (you can download Metatrader 4 from your broker website or anywhere in internet)

4-Pls don’t forget Email us your metatrader4 account number for Activation license. (Demo or real account number)

Note: The installation of this robot is only available to Clients who have purchased the product, due to the privacy and security of the product, we cannot provide the installation video to everyone because the specific strategy of this robot must remain private.

After purchasing, you will receive the installation guide. Also, if you have any installation problems, website support or WhatsApp support will install the robot for you in less than 5 minutes.

galaxy profit
Does it has any guarantee?

Absolutely,Follow the given Setting for EA and never Leave the suggestion setting.

SpaceX Gold Pro has a 99-year Gaurantee that you will never experience more than 2% drawdown with the recommended settings.

forex challenge funding

The bot can win any challenge like FTMO, FundedNext ,Surge Trader and other Company. 

Your chance is more than 90%!  But there is no 100% guarantee !

Reason: The robot trades gold (XAUUSD) and depending on the market trend, you may passed the first time, or you may passed after few attempts.

Most of the customers passed the challenge the first time!

we do not give a 100% guarantee to pass the challenge, using it to pass the challenge is completely optional.

Galaxy Profit

Once you have completed your purchase, you must follow these steps

1-Idenity Verification

accept driver's license, passport or government ID)

2-Proof of address “Utility bills (electricity, water, gas, etc.)Tax bills,Bank statements and ETC.

3-signature verification form

After completing these steps, you will receive the robot and you can activate your license.

Also, authentication is a mandatory step, after which you can log in with the private channel of VIP customers.

Frequent question

SpaceX Gold Pro

account spread must be below 30

account leverag above 1:10

Max Drawdown less than 2% with the recommended setting.

Each purchase you can activated 2 Real + 2 Demo

VIP Option you can Active 4 Real + 4 Demo license

Note:this is only possible for clients who have their accounts in companies that provide challenge funding.

Each purchase you can activated 1 Real + 1 Demo account

You can use it all broker

VIP Option ”Lifetime Activation”