SpaceX Prop EA

SpaceX Prop EA

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  • Pass Prop Firm
  • EA Have TP/SL
  • Stop Trailing
  • Forced Exit %
  • Max Drawdown Limit 3%
  • Risk Management,100% Safe
  • Real and Demo account

Galaxy Profit company has managed to create a robot that is special for passing the Prop Firm challenges. 

Galaxy Profit is proud to be the first company in the world to build an intelligent robot.

This robot with very strong risk control can pass any challenge with very low risk between 45 and 60 days!

It is expected that in the worst market situation, Drawdown will reach 3%, as we announced, Maximum Drawdown will be 3%! 

Of course, you have to enable Forced exit in the settings 3% or 4%.

This smart robot has different strategies for Prop Firm demo or real account,You can also enter your desired profit % in the settings and the intelligent robot will do everything for the best result.

It is recommended to use reputable Prop Firm companies such as FTMO, SURGE TRADER, which have no restrictions on any strategy or use of robots and No time limits.

Prop Firm Platform

Recently, most of the prop firm Companies removed the Meta Trader platform and the customers are very worried!

But as you can see in the video, it is possible to easily copy trades in different platforms and you will no longer have any restrictions,We are by your side and guide you to do it easily!

Galaxy Profit

SpaceX Prop EA

Copy your trade from Meta Trader To Match Trader,DXTRADE,TradeLocker

Galaxy Profit
EA Strategy

1-Elliott Triple Combo Wawe

2-Three Drives Pattern

3-XABCD Pattern

4-Fib Speed Resistance Fan

5-Elliott Double Combo Wave

6-Elliot impulse wawe

Galaxy Profit
Forced Exit

SpaceX Prop EA has a forced exit setting, you can enable it for your challenges!

Recommended 3% or 4%

Recommended Setting


2-Select 1 Min Time Frame on your MT4

3-Ensure the Auto trading option on your MT4 .

4-Do not switch timeframes once the Ea is launched.

5-For the best performance you need to keep the EA always online by using a VPS (online computer host) or having your PC always online. 

6- Leverage Above 1:20

7-Minimum Deposit $5,000

8-Set the Lot size 0.10 or 0.15 for every $100K

Installation: After Purchase, you will receive the installation guide

Galaxy Profit

Once you have completed your purchase, you must follow these steps

1-Idenity Verification

accept driver's license, passport or government ID)

2-Proof of address “Utility bills (electricity, water, gas, etc.)Tax bills,Bank statements and ETC.

3-signature verification form 

After completing these steps, you will receive the robot and you can activate your license. 

Also, authentication is a mandatory step, after which you can log in with the private channel of VIP customers.

Frequent Questions

SpaceX Prop EA



You can use All Prop Firm Company and All Broker !

Recommended FTMO and Surge Trader

definitely !

This robot is made to be used in Real or Demo account!

There is no difference in the performance of the robot.

High Risk 15 Days (Not Recommended)

Normal Risk 40 Days

Low Risk 60 Days (Recommended)


Above 1:20

Expected Max Drawdown 3%

This product is non-refundable


It is almost impossible not to pass your challenge!

If you do not leave the mentioned settings and do not make aggressive settings, your challenge will pass 100%.

Each Purchase you can Activated 2 Real+2 Demo Account

Lifetime Option 8 License key.

Once you setup it up the first time, the rest will be fully automatic and you don't need to change or check anything. The EA will open and close trades in profit automatically.

We Do Not Have any Annual Charge for this EA